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The Flavour delights the journey of dining.
In front of the delicate dishes, the journey starts off with the image of the flavor and the aroma of the food comes into your nostrils and complete the whole picture. Whiling tasting it, the flavor of the dish fills the whole mouth with the aroma and the taste of best dish.   





Ingredient with
High Quality

Food Safety Control
with ISO22000

Innovative and
Professional R&D

Friendly and reliable
Customer Service







No Worries about the delivery fee of the sample.

Free samples and Free delivery for the first five times.




Ask for the sample

Provide the SPEC
and Product information

HGL R&D develop and customize the sample
Send the samples 










Food Flavor


Savory Flavor-Meat
Savory Flavor- Seafood Flavor
Vegetable Flavor
Fruit Flavor
Flora Flavor
Beverage Flavor
Dairy / Egg Flavor



Food Quality Improver


Sausage, Ham Quality Improver
Meat Quality Improver
Seafood Improver
Noodle Improver
Sauce Improver


Food Flavor Improver



Food Flavor improver
Meat Flavor Improver
Beef Flavor Improver
Chicken Flavor Improver
Seafood Flavor Improver
Katsuo Bush Flavor Improver
Mushroom Flavor Improver
Kimchi Flavor Improver
Wasabi Flavor Improver




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